Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 09: Patterns

After going through the "Display of Information"  section of the 4ourth Mobile wiki site, I found some patterns in some of my own apps that I already have on my iPhone 4s, so I decided to share with you folks some of the examples that I found.


The 4ourth mobile wiki site says that, "You must allow the user to make a selection -- or several of them -- from any of the large, ordered datasets discussed in this chapter.
The applications of this are essentially limitless, and can be applied to the simplest and the most complex of representations, so can be used one way or the other for any type of implementation."

Select lists are usually displayed as a Grid and or a Vertical list.  The default iPhone Photos app displays their select list as a Grid, when you select the photos that you want, your selection turns semi-opaque with a red check mark on the bottom right of the photo.  Unlike the Photos app, the Dropbox app displays their select list as a Vertical List where you select the files that you want and on the left of the selection pops up a blue and white check mark with the title of the file highlighted in light blue color.  

Default iPhone Photos


4ourth describes the Infinite Area as a "complex and/or interactive visual information, which you should be presented as a single image, but is so large it must be routinely zoomed into so only a portion is routinely visible in the viewport."

The Photos app in the iPhone allows you view all the Pins in the viewport and when you zoom in more pins will pop up to show you where the photo was taken.  Maps in the iPhone is another default app in iOS that has this pattern of Infinite Area so, as you zoom in the more information is displayed, such for this app when you zoom in more detailed information is displayed, like street names or landmarks in the  viewport.

Default iPhone Photos
Default iPhone Maps


  1. Great example images - I really love the infinite area ones. I think Google maps was the killer app for iOS - that new apple maps was a real mis-step they may not recover from ...

    1. Thanks been digging around my current apps to see what matched the descriptions. Yes i agree with you, the apple maps didn't quite make a sure statement and really proved to be inferior to the google maps. Just like the iPhone 4s was not much of an upgrade