Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 08: Implementation

Late post:

For my mobile app I'm partnering up with Makoto and so far I am very pleased with the ideas that this guy has and I am very excited and can't wait for this app to be up and running.  Since he is the professional here, I have taken his decision to go with a web app which I'm totally fine with.

Here is what our work Schedule would be like:

Week 1:  3/24 - 3/31:  Review and discuss the details of the app (determine the resolution of the app to design towards.  Since it will be a web app the graphics will have have to accomodate different resolutions since every user doesn't have the same resolutions) so 1280 x 2560 is what I will design towards.

Week 2:  3/31 - 4/7:  Jump start on getting the Home Screen up (Layout/ Button Design), start on the instructors page with the button placement and button design.

Week 3:  4/7 - 4/14:  Get each individual instructor page up and start working on the events page with a list view that is clickable and able to add to default phones calendar

Week 4:  4/14 - 4/21:  Work on Photo gallery with a Cover Flow look (If there is time user able to upload own photos/ videos)

Week 5:  4/21 - 4/28:  Find a way to make the app work with facebook app to update status or post in Kajukenbo Facebook page

Week 6:  4/28 - 5/4:  Testing the app making sure everything works.

Week 7:  5/4:  Presentation day or Final app testing day.

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