Monday, February 18, 2013

WEEK 4: Prototyping

1. Point of View:Most people tend to forget certain dates that may be important, like a concert coming up or a presentation that they need to prepare for.  Even though you could use your default smartphones calendar app, an app that could have updated events or dates into your news feed

2. Storyboard:

3. Paper Prototype



Week 3:  HPU 4702 Mobile Design Assignment

Step 1: Observe
I chose to observe my family members in some of the daily activities around the house as well as some new projects.  This will help my girlfriend and me in the future because when we get a place of our own we can use these new skills in our own place. 

Girlfriend: painting the guest room so she can have room to do her makeup. 

Finished painting the room in less than 3 hours.
Managed not to break her nails or to get any interior paint on them.
Learned how to paint a room

Room previously had dark blue paint on walls and mixed with graffiti
The walls had some dents and needed to be leveled out with wall spackle
Newspaper needed to be put down lining the edges of the floor
Walls have to be wiped down and then; primer needs to be applied.

First chance for her to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) project
Apply the painting techniques she learned from YouTube as well as asking other people who have painted an interior before. 

Aunty (girlfriends mom): organizing appliance cabinet, so she can find things easier when she wants to cook.

Took out all unused appliances so there is more room in the cabinets for more useful appliances.  
Arranged the appliances according to their size, the bigger appliances such as cooking pots, rice cooker

Some appliances are not often used and are taking a lot of room
Different types of appliances are out of place, which makes finding them hard in the future
Smaller appliances are hidden behind bigger appliances.

A chance to organize all of the cabinets and get rid of unused appliances