Monday, February 18, 2013

WEEK 4: Prototyping

1. Point of View:Most people tend to forget certain dates that may be important, like a concert coming up or a presentation that they need to prepare for.  Even though you could use your default smartphones calendar app, an app that could have updated events or dates into your news feed

2. Storyboard:

3. Paper Prototype


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  1. Great point of view - yes, we all forget events. There were supposed to be two storyboards and two prototypes, but you only provide one of each. Also in the absence of the video of you using the prototype it's difficult for me to tell what functionality you are proposing beyond what you find in existing smartphone calendar software. Are you suggesting integrating it into social networks of some kind. Is the idea that the app plugs into the existing calendar and links to other people's calendars too? And what do you mean by news feed?