Monday, March 4, 2013


With my work schedule I am pretty busy but since I don't have any free time to myself I asked my girlfriend and her mom to help me out with my evaluation of my prototype.  I tried to make my prototype as simple as possible so here is what I came up with.

  • In the events page, I think in the future I would rather have a calendar instead of just a list of upcoming events.  I noticed that when my testers tried to tap on the event dates listed, it occurred to me that it wouldn't lead the user anywhere further.
  • Another thing that I noticed was that maybe for the social media page it would open up the built in social media app such as (facebook, twitter, instagram)
I mainly want this app to serve the students at Hawaiian Kajukenbo Association.  


  1. was the evaluation conducted in total silence? If that's so it's great in that it implies that you weren't telling the evaluators what to do, and just seeing what they did, although it's often a good idea to ask the evaluators to talk through what they are doing so you have a better idea what they are thinking about.

    That said, the total absence of sounds, makes me think that there was talking, but that you just didn't capture the sounds, which is a shame since the sound is important.

    Unfortunately this assignment was critically about evaluating according to the Nielsen heuristics which aren't mentioned here, and you really needed to hook up with someone in the class to make that work. I totally understand about busy schedules but you could have met up over skype ...

    1. Thanks for the feedback professor, in regards to your question about the silence; there actually was audio. Unfortunately once I got into my edit bay i realized the microphone that was connected to my DSLR had a bad connection, and the audio was totally unusable making the sound crackle and I couldn't make out the audio myself. One of the cons using a DSLR to shoot video. I'll keep that in mind though in the future. How would you meet over skype? Isn't just like chatting? or would we have to use a webcam? and if so do we have to pay for that feature? I don't know if I mentioned before but I never got to use the full potential of Skype.

  2. Hi Avery,

    I thought that your prototype was pretty effective and you got most of the interior navigation in place -something I didn't really do.

    A link to your earlier blog post about what the app is for would be a good idea.

    Happy for you to review my app and to review yours if it helps I think I have worked out screencasts over Linux.