Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 07: Heuristic Evaluations VIA SKYPE

I have never really used Skype before and wow this thing came in handy.  I got in touch via Skype with two of my peers Chris Wheeler and Allison Diller within the same day and I was able to conduct Heurustic Evaluations of their Apps and they also did one for mine.  *** I will post the video of their feedback for me when I get their videos a little later.***  here is the videos from Chris:

and here is the video for Allison:

Allison from Allison Unzipped just sent me the link for her conducting the Heuristic Evaluation of my app here is a link to her blog and video:

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  1. Avery: Here is the link for my review, complete with video as well!
    I have linked to your full blog and week six post within the text. If you get the chance, would love to have you add a link back. Thanks again for meeting!