Monday, March 18, 2013

Week 08: Mobile Implementation/ Heuristic Evaluation

For this weeks assignment I am redoing my evaluation for Allison from Allison Unzipped  because I felt like I wasn’t as thorough as I could have been in my evaluation.  I just want to thank Allison again for connecting with me via Skype last week and helping me in critiquing my Balsamiq mockup MUCH MAHALOS!!!  Overall I felt her app was really thought through and it seemed as if she covered majority of her bases on the concept of her app.  

Consistency and Standards
Severity Rating:  0
The buttons throughout her app are consistent in her prototype, the buttons are located in the same place while going through each screen/page in the app, the user is not going to have a hard time trying to figure out what each button does or if they are going to mess up while in this app.

User Control and Freedom
Severity Rating:  2
I told Allison about this when I was conducting the evaluation; I think it would be a good idea if a back button was implemented so the user could go to the previous page just so the user has the freedom to do so.
Another thing that I recommended is that for the screens where users have to input text such as their names or the amount that they want to bid in the game, there should be an edit button as well, if there was a typo or if they entered the wrong amount to bid. 

Aesthetic and Minimalist Design
Severity Rating:  1
I think that all of the dialogues that are in the app are useful and contain the right amount of information needed to get through the app in itself.   One recommendation though that I think is minor but I think it also could be useful, for the home screen I would add a how-to just in case people who want to play the game know how to play the game, like handbook where the rules are explained. 

Awesome Job Allison!! THANKS AGAIN

Here is the video from our evaluation


  1. Great work - well done getting up an evaluation with both categories and severity - and also connecting up online with Allison

    1. Thanks Dr. Joseph, Allison helped me out a lot as well with my app and she even helped me with my first skype video chat