Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 07: Mobile Navigation Patterns

In my opinion the design of the app is what makes it stand out compared to other apps out there.  From the link that was provided to us for our assignment this week I found 3 of them that I sort of really liked.  2 of the patterns that I found were from the Tab Menu and the last pattern that I really liked was from the Spring Board.

Tab Menu:

Spring Board:

The reason why I picked these patterns is because, thinking for my own mobile app, Im trying to figure out which one of these patterns would match my mobile app.  All of these patterns seem very simple and clean, everything is perfectly spaced out, the colors match each other and the text is very readable.  My mobile app doesn't have that much content and much buttons and Im thinking of possible redesigning my layout to one of these patterns.


  1. yeah, this spring board you've chosen looks nice doesn't it ...

    1. Yes i really do like the designs of the spring board. Their patterns look really clean and sophisticated, I like how simple they look and it seems very easy to use. The icons that is displayed make it very easy to distinguish the different types of actions you want to complete.