Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 11: Implementation from week 1

This week I started kind of late with my alternate version of my app and finally got it to my programmer Makoto.  After chatting with Makoto via skype we have both decided that my alternate version looks better because it seems "cleaner".  Makoto and I have had a pairing session with our instructor on Saturday at 10am Hawaii time and discussed what the main plan for my Kajukenbo app.  After the pairing session I have realized that my main reason and its main use would be for the students and instructors to be kept in the loop with the upcoming events.

So far the alternate version is up but is currently in construction mode.  I am hoping by the end of this week I will have a 3rd party take a look and do some comparisons with the different versions of the designs.  I was busy this week working on the new graphics so the image below is what the new version will somewhat look like.


  1. Looking good Chris! Very pleased to have helped identify the stakeholders for your app. Am really looking forward to the test plan you come up with to try and assess whether the calendar functionality will really meet their needs or not.

    1. Thanks Professor!!! You and makoto have been a big help with the process in this app, so I applaud you both. And yes, i am coming up with a plan to test the two calendar options, i'll keep you updated.