Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Week 11: Revealing More Information

For this week in the 4ourth Wiki Site our assignment was to look into the Revealing More Information section of the site to look for more patterns.  The patterns that I chose were the Returned Results and the Pop-up.

Returned Results
The 4ourth wiki site describes the Returned Results as a ,"list that will need to be selected, either as choices for another process, in order to view more details, or to start a process (such as navigating to the selection)."

Yelp on iOS

I love using yelp because it is a great app the lets you locate local business around your location.  This example shows my current location as a blue dot and in the search bar I typed in Sushi and the Returned Results shows other red dots with the nearest business that sells or serves sushi.
Yelp is available on iTunes here

4ourth also describes Opening a Pop-Up, "can be allowed via a typical link, or as a result of other user or system actions.  There is no univerally-recognized design method to launch or make the user aware that the action will load a Pop-Up.

Seconds on iOS
To me this part of the app is annoying to me, everytime I open this app I always get this Pop-Up which is notifying me to turn my bluetooth on.  The first time I ran this app I canceled this notification but apparently this is the default notification.  I guess I could easily just go into the settings and turn on my bluetooth but I don't want to.  This is the free version of the app Seconds available on iTunes

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