Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 10: More Patterns

For this weeks assignment in the "Control and Confirmation" section of the  4ourth Mobile wiki site, I did the exact same process as I did in last weeks blog post, I grabbed my handy dandy iPhone 4s and looked through my existent apps to see which apps I had available to use examples for this weeks post.

Sign On
The 4ourth Mobile wiki site describes "Sign On"as giving authorized individuals access to a device or a site, service or application on the device.  There are also different variations to signing on to your device, such as entering text and or a numeric entry.

Credit Karma app
Credit Karma is an app that allows you to check you current credit score, which is really great and it keeps me motivated to keep my credit up, but besides that I really love the security of this app.  When this app is launched you are prompted to "Sign On" this is where you input your 4 digit pin code that you have set when you first set up the app, when you click on the first box to input the first digit of your code a virtual keypad is provided to input your code.  

Bank of Hawaii app
Bank of Hawaii is my bank and I really do love that they have a mobile app just like the other banks out there now coming out with mobile banking apps.  Just like Credit Karma where you are prompted to "Sign On" you input your username in the User ID box that is provided and a virtual keyboard is provided when you are about to log in.  

4ourth describes that Confirmation as a process in which you created that includes points where the user "must confirm an action or choose between a number of disparate (and usually exclusive) choices."

Bank of Hawaii app
For the Bank of Hawaii app I purposely entered an incorrect User ID for obvious reasons, I don't want to give out that kind of information, I mean I'm a nice guy but..... not that nice.  For education reasons I wanted to show what type of confirmation this app gives when an incorrect User ID is entered.  This Confirmation pattern shows an error which stops the process, so this the user a Pop-Up dialogue notifying the user that my sign-on was unsuccessful and contact customer support if I need assistance.  This makes the user think that something might be wrong, my User ID maybe? or maybe the app itself?

Dropbox app
One of my favorite apps to use is Dropbox, I really do like how the app gives you a Wait Indicator that means a task has started in this case I'm uploading a photo to my Dropbox and it gives a visual of how much further or longer it is going to take for the photo to be uploaded.

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  1. great work - something you might also consider is linking to the apps you blog about e.g. BOH iOS App - that makes your blog extra professional looking :-)

    Also, what do you think about about that BOH error message? Would it be more user friendly if they told you what you had got wrong rather than a generic error message?