Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 13: Time to test

For the testing of my app, I wanted to grab people who is my "Target Market" so the people that will be mostly using the app.  Since my app is geared towards my martial arts school, I wanted people from that club to test it; so the instructors and the students.

My initial plan was to record them actually using the app between the two different interfaces.  However as things don't always go as planned, I was unable to get my test subjects available and was not able to record them.  After talking with Sam he suggested using Google Forms so I was able to create the questions that I was planning on asking the subjects as if I was going to record them.  

The two different interfaces that the subjects used was the Calendar view and the Agenda (list) view.  

Use the links below to view the Evaluation Responses.
Agenda View

Month View

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  1. great, but where's the form? can you add a link to that? and ideally share the results page with me - many thanks ...